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The canine massage I give is a true “sports” massage for dogs. This type of massage gently penetrates muscles to release stress, lengthen and relax muscles your dog uses everyday. A good sports massage for dogs can increase flexibility, restore mobility and enhance energy. Massage is great for preventing injuries too.

How Does It Work?

Your dog is probably most comfortable in your home, so I come to you. It’s best if you can be in the room with us for the duration of the 45-60 minute massage. This helps your dog to relax and not be wondering where you are, what you’re doing – you know, what they usually do! We may be on a couch (if that’s allowed), the floor or wherever your dog wants to be – the key is for your dog to be as comfortable and calm as possible for them to get the most out of their massage.

Who Am I?

Joyce Dierschke, CCMT is a Canine Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, writer, artist, traveler and outdoor enthusiast. Through Reiki and Canine Massage, I can help pets and their people. My three dogs – Katie, George and Gracie – and I are outdoors enthusiasts. Together we hike, camp, backpack and paddle.

Contact Me

For more information or to make an appointment, contact me at 615-364-3977.